Tuesday, 7 May 2013

For the love of leather!

I am Officially obsessed with leather! my favourite leather peice has always been the classic biker jacket. But lately leather has been popping up everywhere, from shoes to caps, shorts to t-shirts, bags and even nail polish! the leather look is definately on trend. Aleather peice can make you feel like a rock star or french model from the moment you put it on, it can be classic, bold, or girly ( yes it really CAN be girly!).
If you're abit shy of the whole leather trend, take it slow with some leather accessories or a bag. If you're feeling brave go for a high-waisted leather skirt and crisp white shirt with an embellished collar and neon pumps, or a leather t-shirt and soft floral pants with a steel toe-capped flat shoe. Whatever way you like to wear your Leather, just know that you are looking AAAMAZING! xx